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Would you like to …

  • learn German quickly, easily, flexibly online?
  • learn from any location, spend no time and no money on travel time?
  • study comfortably from home or in the office?
  • learn with a private tutor instead of sitting in impersonal group courses?
  • learn with a patient and motivated tutor who really cares about your progress?

  • have a good price-performance ratio?
  • have the possibility to improve your German online during your lunch break?
  • improve your German on the road?
  • overcome your speaking barriers?
  • prepare for an exam and get a little more input?

Great! I’m Alice. I studied languages and have a teacher’s certificate in German as a foreign language from the Goethe Institute. I love learning foreign languages and would like to share this joy with you. I want you to progress quickly and above all to overcome your speech barriers. I myself have lived abroad for over 12 years. I have experienced what it means to settle in a foreign country and to overcome language barriers. I teach German as a foreign language because it gives me great pleasure to accompany and motivate you in your learning progress.

From an initial idea, I found a vocation in “German as a foreign language”.

What are the benefits of online lessons via Skype?

  • With lessons online – you can learn online from any location. All you need is a fast internet connection, a computer, smartphone, tablet – and motivation.
  • Even when travelling, on the road, on the beach, in the car or in the hotel lobby, you can complete your booked German lessons online with your smartphone. This way you will make faster progress and you will never miss a lesson.
  • And: Should you still not be able to attend a lesson at short notice, I will send you materials for independent processing. You will receive the correction by email or Skype.

  • Additional materials at the end of the course will also help you to learn more independently or to deepen your knowledge. You save time and money.
  • We will discuss your level of knowledge and your learning goals in a free introductory talk.

My students about me

Alice is a fantastic tutor. She is very professional, patient and friendly. Always well prepared for the lesson, explains everything carefully and focuses on the student’s needs. She has provided me with a lot of helpful learning material. I appreciate her immediately correcting my mistakes. The hours with Alice are interesting and take place in a pleasant atmosphere. I learned a lot with her. I highly recommend Alice to anyone who wants to learn German.

–  Kasia, Poland


About me

My mother tongue is German. After graduating from high school, I moved to Porto Alegre in Brazil for a year, where I did voluntary social work. There I gave English lessons to children among other things. I then completed a vocational training course in tourism with a focus on foreign languages. This was followed by numerous work experiences in tourism companies in Germany, Portugal, France and German-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland. I studied Romance languages and literature at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg im Breisgau.

My qualifications

  • Meanwhile I have over 1.000 hours of experience as a German online instructor. There’s an hour record here.
  • Degree ( Bachelor of Arts)
    I completed my Bachelor of Arts in French Media and Portuguese at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg im Breisgau.
  • Certificate: Distance Learning Course: Methodology and Didactics German as a Foreign Language, Goethe Institute
    In this course I have independently acquired knowledge and methods, enabling me to diversify my lessons.
  • My foreign language skills
    My love for the Portuguese language began while I was still at school. The Portuguese language finally facilitated my access to other Romance languages. It was easy for me to understand Spanish and Italian and to use the French language during my stays in France.
    My own foreign language skills now help me to understand and correct mistakes made by my German learners. In addition, they simplify communication with my German learners. I speak English, Portuguese and French. I also have basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian.
  • Volunteer Global Voices
    I am an honorary translator at GlobalVoices:
    Global Voices is a community of over 800 volunteer authors, online media experts and translators from over 167 countries.
  • Vocational training for tourism
    I completed my professional training in tourism with a focus on languages and worked in the tourism industry for many years. This experience also makes me accustomed to working in an international environment. If you also want to communicate with German-speaking guests in German, my knowledge will also help you. Contact me here.

How it works

Before we begin with the lessons, we arrange a non-binding meeting of about 30 to 40 minutes. We discuss your level of knowledge and the further procedure. If necessary, I will create a personal learning plan for you.

The lessons take place via Skype. If you wish, the lessons can also take place via Google – Hangout or Facebook.

  • General language lessons from beginners A1 to advanced C2
  • German for your profession
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • German for the tourism industry
  • I have textbook series from the publishers Hüber, Schubert and Klett.
  • I like to work with online exercises or interactions to practice grammar structures.
  • Podcasts, audio, videos or German music improve your listening skills.
  • Dictations and other writing exercises improve your writing skills … and much more…
  • It is possible to check the homework in writing by e-mail. This saves you time and money. In addition, there is a greater learning success.
  • During our German lessons you will receive numerous materials so that you can continue learning independently.

Why learn German?

  • More than 103 million people speak German as their mother tongue.
  • German is spoken in Europe not only in Germany, but also in countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol, Alsace and Lorraine.
  • Anyone living in a German speaking country needs knowledge of the German language. It is essential for integration. English is not enough.
  • The German language is also a key to other Germanic languages such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or even Afrikaans.

  • Language connects: Learning the German language gives you access to German culture and mentality. You get to know the German-speaking countries better. You can make contacts and make friends more easily.
  • There are many German companies abroad. Knowledge of German is an advantage in business.
  • The German-speaking visitors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria form a very large tourist group. With your knowledge of German you will improve your qualifications on the job market of the tourism industry.

Last, but not least: A new language is like a gateway to a new world.

Get started!

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Learn German Online

I am looking forward to meeting you.
See you soon.

Alice Scherlies

Yes, I have read the privacy policy and I agree that the data I provide will be collected and stored electronically. My data is used only strictly earmarked for processing my booking.


Learn German Online

I am looking forward to meeting you.
See you soon.

Alice Scherlies

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